Friday, August 31, 2012

50 Shades of You-know-what. Grow your own perfume. 10 secrets of highly-respected achievers. Plus HOOKED & ZURI news

Good news x 2!
Right now, our thriller HOOKED is #7 on the Movers & Shakers list! HOOKED is still 99c so if you want it, grab it!
ZURI, the story of a sad little orphaned rhino & the two people who love her—but need to learn to love each other—is sporting a new 5-star review. In the reviewer's word: "Wonderful!"

Now for the links du jour:

10 reasons why (some) people love what they do. Secrets of highly-respected achievers.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author's childhood home to be a museum. John Updike.

How 50 Shades of You-know-what became the fastest selling book evah and What It All Means. If anything.

Rose, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley: the gentle gardens of great perfumers and the famous fragrances they inspired. Plus how to grow your own perfume.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Einstein & TV ratings. Cross-unders, haters & book busters. Why your team sucks.

TODAY'S SPECIALS: Our thrillers, HOOKED & BRAINWASHED are both on sale today.
Only 99c! Get 'em while they're cheap!

At Amazon: HOOKED


Now back to blog business:

When it comes to buying books & spending money, do readers say one thing but do another? E-book prices.

Star editor Meghan Ward offers 5 tips for hiring the right freelance editor.

What kind of reader are you? Promiscuous? A hater? A cross-under? A book buster? A bookophile?

A record TV ratings grabber? Resonated with viewers? Definitely. Physics theories from the early 20th century & Einstein.

Why your team sucks. New England Patriots.

Memory & the power of the 10-minute break.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to be a genius. Self-help for skeptics. A $75,000 toilet. An impossible act to follow.

Think different. Think positive. Here are a few ideas:

How to be a genius. Apple-speak: the secret training manual.

Train yourself to think positive. Self-help for skeptics.

4 yachts. 43 planes. A $75,000 toilet but he says he's not rich.

Bic makes pens especially for her. Slim for her delicate hands. Her choice of pink or purple. Reviewers go hilariously wild.
And they cost more.
(But they don't change color when you pee on them.)

An impossible act to follow. Christopher Hitchens' widow remembers. Carol Blue.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting John Lennon. Text-mining the classics. Shoes, candy & how to write a column for Vogue.

Name dropping—

Ken Levine said that? Really? Meeting John Lennon.

His father was a cabinet maker & he gets his inspiration "from everywhere." Fabulously successful shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

Jane Austen, Herman Melville & James Fennimore Cooper. Text-mining the classics & opening a new door to literary theory.

 It's easy: write, doubt, rewrite, redoubt, reread, change everything. How to write a column for Vogue.

M & M's, Bit-O-Honey, Krackel, Hershey, Snickers—candy wrappers, prices, history. Candy archive.

Creative breakthrough: When walking away from your story gives you time to listen to your characters. Invaluable advice from David Hewson.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sports, sex, beer. Sleep, learning, memory. Falling apart & coming together.

Attention-grabbers du jour—

14 things men wish women knew. Sports, sex, beer.

What you learn while you're asleep can modify your waking behavior. Sleep, learning & memory.

Falling apart: "I am bad news." Dysphoric mania and a psycho-profile of the Aurora/Dark Knight shooter. James Holmes.

Coming together: How the #1 in the world crumbled under the pressure & recovered from a crushing disappointment. Roger Federer.

The writers & the prize: Amy Poehler, Parks And Recreation. Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey. Matthew Weiner, Mad Men. Emmys

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Unloveable, unwatchable, despicable. You Tube for readers. Bronzer, lip gloss & falsies. 5-star raves. Venus & Serena.

Today's jump start links—

Unloveable, unwatchable, despicable. Not naming names but look here.

You Tube for readers? It's definitely for writers & that includes Margaret Attwood. Wattpad.

Bronzer, lip gloss & falsies. How JFK's victory in 1960 still influences Fox glam.

5-star raves! The best money can buy. Book reviewers.

Independent & crafty. Sheep? Yes, really. Basque sheepmen in Idaho.

Sisters against the world. Venus & Serena.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer of the gun. Cerveza & chardonnay. Ebooks—The end of the affair?

On a somber note. End of summer links:

The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Chicago. Seattle. A Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Texas A & M. The Family Research Council in Washington DC. The Empire State Building in NYC. Summer of the gun.

What would you like to drink with that enchilada? Cerveza? Or chardonnay?

The magic of the epistolary novel. (Another example would be THE ANDERSON TAPES by Lawrence Sanders.)  Maria Semple.

The end of the affair? The downside (& the upside) of ebooks.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Superman & Wonder Woman. 10 Most Beautiful Cars. Women & shoes. A "publisher of perfume." Exciting bookstores. Language, mood & emotion.

Links du jour:

Hooking up?  Superman & Wonder Woman.

10 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time. Pictures & prices.

Women & shoes. Spiked, barbed, fluorescent, cartoony, spangled, kinky, and fantastically unwearable.  Have you drunk the Carrie Kool-Aid?

"Short does not mean simplistic. Short means precise." Frederic Malle, a "publisher" of perfume.

Dateline: NYC
Some bookstores are thriving! The pix, the stories & the people behind them.
Part One. The Upper East Side. Bookstore porn.
Part Two. Mid-town & the Upper West Side. More bookstore porn.

How the words you use influence the way you feel. Language, mood & emotion.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Commas, diaeresis & the f-word. O.J. Simpson & Michael Jackson. Dumb bosses. Literary ink.

From the diaeresis to the f-word, long-time New Yorker copy editor sells her "irreverent manifesto" for six-figures. Confessions Of A Comma Queen.

Bill Clinton was President? O.J. Simpson was a football player? Mindset: Class of 2016.

How his parents & a black Mercedes helped turn him into a thriller writer.

The secret power of dumb bosses. Jerks.

Literary ink. Famous writers & their tattoos.

Is your city on or off the list? World's most livable cities.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rejection & creativity. Butt lifts & millionaire mixers. NASA & the plant-eating dinosaur.

Red state reads. Blue state reads. What is your state reading? Clickable state-by-state map of bestsellers.

Where does a famous novelist gets his ideas? Finding a voice & writing a character. Motivation & "negative research." Martin Amis.

6 ways to make every day a happy day—even when you're stressed & working too hard. A simple guide.

10 ways to find more time in your day. Another simple guide.

Don't get mad, use your imagination instead. The positive link between rejection and creativity.

NASA & the plant-eating dinosaur.

Butt lifts & millionaire mixers. Florida.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prescription underwear. Red lipstick. Fonts for writers. The Last Book Sale.

Today's hot links:

300,000 books! The Last Book Sale. What sold. What didn't. Larry McMurtry.

P22 Typewriter? Optima? Monaco? Mac or Windows? Fonts for writers. David Hewson.

Apple, IBM, Microsoft & Oracle twenty years ago before the web existed & broadband was still a dream: a brief history of the dawn of digital media by someone who was there. Recovering Journalist, Mark Potts.

Red lipstick. Love it or leave it? Garance Doré.

"I'm so old I wear prescription underwear." RIP Phyllis Diller

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dressing—and undressing—your characters. Writers & actors. Downton Abbey, Ian McEwen & Molly Ringwald. Owls, laundry & spies.

Today's fun & inspiration—plus dressing (& undressing) fictional characters

Act like a writer. Molly Ringwald explains.

"I loved the idea of a city in chaos." A new spy thriller set in the 1970's from Ian McEwen.

Profit margins & print publishers. The new rules for book publishing.

Two new owl species—one of them once considered extinct—have been discovered in the Philippines.

This 32,000-year-old plant, a contemp of the woolly mammoth and saber-tooth cat, is the latest from Siberia.

All the deets on dressing (and undressing) the tomboy, the fashionista, the stay-at-home-Mom. And their heroes—the bad boys & the good boys. PLUS who does the laundry at Downton Abbey?  Ruth Harris.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Technology & sexism. Book cover design. Fluffy kittens & turds. The psychology of waiting in line.

For your reading pleasure & writing inspiration:

Technology is not a male subject. It's not. Tech is a human subject and your nerdy sexism isn't cute. Tech.

More reasons why publishing is dead: They reject or ignore their own bestselling authors.

Whips & penises. Porn, erotica & dirty books. New rating system.

Plasticity & zen. Fluffy kittens & turds. 20 theories of book cover design.

Stress, boredom, drudgery. The psychology of waiting in line.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ballerinas. Dildos. Raymond Chandler. Jet lag & NASA. Nascar & the god damn capital-A Army.

To get you going today:

Ballerinas, posey-pickers & the god damn capital-A Army. Nascar, football & the military.

Crucifix-shaped dildos passé. Already? San Francisco Chronicle.

Raymond Chandler, the king of hard-boiled pulp fiction, forever nagged by the sense that he was built for better things. Review. (Thanks to Payne @RangeWoman_Inc for the link)

Active & sharp as a tack. Aging and super brains.

Advice on coping with jet lag from the experts at NASA.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Julia Child, Team Ponzi. Red Brands & Blue Brands. Slow-burning bestseller.

Lamp shades are sooooo over. Designer light bulbs.

Fascinating: You are what you eat, watch & drink. R's and Dem's. Beer & TV. Red brands & blue brands.

An amateur artist and naturalist, Genevieve Jones (with the help of her family) was America's other Audubon.

Big stars like John Elway & Michael Vick defrauded as Hall of Fame college football coach is accused of cheating players, other coaches out of millions. Team Ponzi.

Smart, hard-working author turns her book into a breakout hit—two and a half years after it was published. The Kitchen House.

Another kitchen. Another writer.  It's about her home kitchen & why she wouldn't waste space on a dining room.  Julia Child.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mental Toughness for writers. Marcel Proust & Jay-Z. Short gray hair, long gray hair. Ancient Rome & communal toilets for 80.

Now you know why I wrote a post called Mental Toughness For Writers at Anne R. Allen's blog. I've been TradPubbed and am now Indie. It's not an accident & I'm not some clueless wannabe.  Sue Grafton clarifies.

She wasn't religious but she loved dancing with the archbishop.

How to build a brand & a basketball team. "Every detail matters." Jay-Z

Just because. The Ryan Gosling coloring book.

Travelling plants? Communal toilets for eighty?  Strange tales & surprising facts about ancient Rome.

Marcel Proust & Tilda Swinton, Balenciaga & Comme des Garçons. In Paris, but of course. 23,000 garments in the Galliera Museum of Fashion.

Long gray hair, short gray hair. A comedy writer takes on Seattle


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bucket lists and f-bombs. Women of stature: Sue Grafton, Jackie Kennedy & Helen Gurley Brown. Plus who does the laundry on Downton Abbey?

For your reading pleasure today:

Bucket lists and f-bombs. Mash-ups and brain cramps. Words in their natural habitat and new words.

How stress and depression can shrink the brain and contribute to both emotional and cognitive impairment. New treatments.

She was a "woman of morals, and grace, and courage." A long, inspiring & touching tribute to Helen Gurley Brown (author of Sex & The Single Girl & editor of Cosmo) and her loving & beloved husband, David Brown (producer of, among other films, JAWS). Goodbye, Pussycat.

She's harsh on self-publishers but she's right that "Learning to construct a narrative and create character, learning to balance pace, description, exposition, and dialogue takes a long time. This is not a quick do-it-yourself home project." Interesting & insightful interview with Sue Grafton.  (Thanks to Jennifer Tanner for the link)

Period, Baroque and Jazz Age clothes & the underwear that went along with them. This season's haute couture from Balmain & Gucci. Jackie Kennedy's wardrobe upkeep and the new season of Downton Abbey. Can't take fabulous clothing like this to the local dry cleaner so the big question: who does the laundry and how do they clean the clothes on Downton Abbey?


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shakespeare & Hemingway, Didion & Dostoyevski. How top comedy writers break a story. The secret skill of incompetent bosses & the physiology of burps & killer farts.

From Shakespeare to Hemingway. From Didion to Dostoyevski. A Google map tour of writers' homes.

Guardian's list of the UK's 100 top bestsellers of all time. No, not Harry Potter. And no, not 50 Shades of You-know-what. So what book is it? Brit lit.

How top comedy writers break a story. All the deets from funny & fabulous Ken Levine.

10 of the world's coolest niche bookstores. Alas, though, Partners & Crime in NYC has just closed.

Doodling on famous writers. Just what it sounds like but alluring just the same. Postcard art.

The secret skill of incompetent bosses. Confidence, overconfidence and status.

The behavior and physiology of laughing, yawning, tickling, burping & killer farts.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Junot Diaz, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood, 300,000 used books, & the $4 venti

Lots and lots of book/author/lit news today:

Here's a new literary tradition, one that recognizes writers' contributions. Pensions for writers.

Man Booker prize winner John Banville as Benjamin Black as Raymond Chandler. Philip Marlowe returns.

Going, gone. 300,000 used books. Larry McMurtry's used book auction.

Make that e-book a $4 venti.

Don't listen because "they" don't know what they're talking about. Constructive criticism and the other kind. Seth Godin.

Junot Diaz, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood and others tell how they wrote that book.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

$3 dollar bananas, two minutes in hell, sayonara sucker & the war on pubic hair

On the menu today—

Two minutes in hell: diapers, manicures and the up/down button. Obnoxious elevator behavior.

Are you f***in kidding me? $3 bananas, the recession and Whole Paycheck.

Tweeting the not-so-fond farewell. Sayonara, Sucker.

No, we're not talking porn. Happy endings.

An end to vajazzling, lasering and the bikini wax? The war on pubic hair.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sex perverts, What time is it on Mars?, the secret meaning of pronouns, the nun & the nukes.

Technology & paraphilia. The upsurge in "hidden camera" perverts.

She. Herself. Her. The secret meaning of pronouns.

What time is it on Mars? There's an app for that.

She defied barbed wire, armed guards, video cameras and motion sensors. The nun and the nukes.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dark side of a hero, A Polish tell-all, the secret sauce behind Olympic records, digital weapons & cyber war

Today's links to get you thinking—

Dark side of a hero: Famous rescuer of Hurricane Katrina faces murder charges in New Orleans. Zeitoun.

A Polish tell-all, Taiwanese romance, Slovakian homosexuals, Bahrain & Bucharest, Mali & Nepal, 200 languages with bestsellers to match. 50 shades of bestsellers.

Rancid, repellent, repugnant—"willfully offensive" and that's just the review.

Those Olympic records. Better training? Hi-nutrition diets? Hi-tech equipment? Smarter coaches? Or is something else responsible for those dazzling track and pool performances?  Engineered for success. 

An addition to the growing list of digital weapons. Meet Gauss: the latest word in cyberwar

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spy sites in The Big Apple, Partners & Crime, Ladies Room Fail

Spies and subterfuge in the Big Apple! False identities, dark alleys, fashionable hotels, restaurants, subways, and public parks all were settings for  espionage operations. Spy sites of NYC

Rambo was based on a book? Die Hard? Seriously? Yup. No kidding. Plus 7 more movies I didn't know were based on books.

What am I supposed to do? Balance my purse on my nose? Ladies Room Fail

“Endings, man, they weren’t as easy as they looked.” (last sentence, Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty) Sad. Another bookstore gone. RIP Partners & Crime

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to lift 545 pounds, piaffes & gassers, champagne, lobsters, anal sex & picnics

Because you never know where your next idea is coming from.
What I'm reading this AM + lingo—

How to lift 545 pounds. Don't even think about it unless you have thighs & biceps like his.

"Nobody Does It Better." How Carol Bayer Sager & Marvin Hamlisch (RIP) wrote that song.

Champagne, lobsters, anal sex & picnics. And that's just the book review.

RIP Anna Piaggi, outrageous fashion eccentric. Here's a look at some of her most memorable outfits.

Finding a new word (at least for me) is a thrill. Today I came across two—
Piaffes: moves in horse ballet aka dressage. Ann Romney's horse is good at this.
Gassers: in football, sprints from one sideline to the other and then back again. Not so easy if you're a 305-pound defensive lineman

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free books & free vibrators, Bourne, Matt Damon, book marketing & Rick's Cafe in the Hamptons

Last day FREE for ZURI & million-copy NYT bestseller MODERN WOMEN!  Your last chance to download for FREE! So don't say you weren't warned. I did mention it's the last day, didn't I? And I did say they're FREE, didn't I?

Today's links for the nosy & the curious:

One of the best interviews ever! Behind the scenes with Bourne. Writer-director Tony Gilroy talks about screenwriting, Matt Damon, getting the $#&%# film actually made. No punches pulled here.

Rick's Café of the Hamptons. Booze, celebs and gossip at the American Hotel.

ZURI begins with a murder. Renny Kudrow, Director of the Kihali Animal Orphanage, finds out about the crime from Maisie and Doris. M & D are elephants and scientists like Renny are studying their "languages." How elephants talk.

 Inside scoop: The silver bullet of book marketing.

What? You thought I forgot about the free vibrators? Moi? No way! Trojan is giving them away FREE today & tomorrow.

Monday, August 6, 2012

FREE books today + the usual link-fest

Today, I have not one but two books free. MODERN WOMEN (funny, sexy, raunchy with a background in Big 6 publishing) was a 1,000,000 copy NYTimes bestseller. ZURI, never before published, is a love story set in an animal orphanage in Africa. So buy them already. They're FREE! ;-)

Now back to our usual scheduled programming:

From ftd to LOI  to PPPX: What are they saying about you in the kitchen? Secret restaurant lingo.

Writers: Are you killing your sales one shot at a time?  Dean Wesley Smith counts the ways.

Meryl Streep isn't really Julia Child. Ooops.

Steve Jobs and Project Purple. Apple spills some secrets.

Groucho, Marilyn Monroe and Adolf (Hitler). Hello, Goodbye, Hello

114-100. No, not a basketball score. That's how much ebooks outsell print books in the UK.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Semiconductors and stilettos, effing autocorrect, the branding of a celeb chef & writing with a partner

Sunday in early August. Hot & humid but here are a few links to help break the torpor.

When I was writing ZURI, I researched behind-the-scenes life (and death) at zoos & wildlife parks. One of the incidents that triggered a crucial sub-plot was the killing of a Sea World trainer by an orca with the professional name, Shamu. A new book is all about that chilling incident.  Death At Sea World

About time: chic techies break fashion taboos. Semiconductors & Stilettos

“Comcast McCarthy??? Phoner novelist???” Did I really type “Comcast”? Effing autocorrect.

Up from the kitchen to a $400 million business. The branding of a celeb chef.

Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer. No. Not me, but one of my favorite bloggers, Ken Levine. Words to live by:  Writing with a partner.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The interesting, the overlooked, the offbeat: Link-o-rama for readers & writers

Navaho was used as a World War II code (it was never broken) & the basis of the movie, Windtalkers. Efforts now underway to save another Native Indian language, from extinction. Siletz

Hetero women: if your SO's penis could talk what would it say? Also nipple clamps & 50 Shades of You-Know-What. Pure Romance

Spies in fiction and non-fiction. Double Cross

The history of aviators. Sunglasses