Friday, August 17, 2012

Julia Child, Team Ponzi. Red Brands & Blue Brands. Slow-burning bestseller.

Lamp shades are sooooo over. Designer light bulbs.

Fascinating: You are what you eat, watch & drink. R's and Dem's. Beer & TV. Red brands & blue brands.

An amateur artist and naturalist, Genevieve Jones (with the help of her family) was America's other Audubon.

Big stars like John Elway & Michael Vick defrauded as Hall of Fame college football coach is accused of cheating players, other coaches out of millions. Team Ponzi.

Smart, hard-working author turns her book into a breakout hit—two and a half years after it was published. The Kitchen House.

Another kitchen. Another writer.  It's about her home kitchen & why she wouldn't waste space on a dining room.  Julia Child.

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