Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mental Toughness for writers. Marcel Proust & Jay-Z. Short gray hair, long gray hair. Ancient Rome & communal toilets for 80.

Now you know why I wrote a post called Mental Toughness For Writers at Anne R. Allen's blog. I've been TradPubbed and am now Indie. It's not an accident & I'm not some clueless wannabe.  Sue Grafton clarifies.

She wasn't religious but she loved dancing with the archbishop.

How to build a brand & a basketball team. "Every detail matters." Jay-Z

Just because. The Ryan Gosling coloring book.

Travelling plants? Communal toilets for eighty?  Strange tales & surprising facts about ancient Rome.

Marcel Proust & Tilda Swinton, Balenciaga & Comme des Garçons. In Paris, but of course. 23,000 garments in the Galliera Museum of Fashion.

Long gray hair, short gray hair. A comedy writer takes on Seattle


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