Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cheaters with charm. 10 celebrity spies. JFK, the president who would rather read. The hottest 67-year-old around.

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Lots of name dropping today—

Bill Clinton. Ted Kennedy. Jamie Dimon. Richard Gere talks about cheaters with charm—and confidence. Arbitrage.

You know about Ian Fleming but would you believe Lucky Luciano? What about Noel Coward? 10 celebrities—famous and infamous—who were also spies.

An introvert president at a private dinner party admits he would rather read.  JFK.

She survived marriage to Rod Stewart & George Hamilton—and lived to tell the tale. The hottest 67-year-old around. Alana Stewart.


  1. Your new blog rocks, my friend! I just subscribed and am sharin' the luuuvvv all over D. D. Scott-ville!

    Cheers, Hugs and Luv! :-)

    1. D. D.—Thank you!!! Truly appreciated! Hope you & everyone else find lots of great ideas here! I'm trying to get away from the same old-same old & help writers (& readers) into some energizing new directions.

      It's all about association &, as you know, everyone will come away with a different take.

  2. Thank you, D.D. Scott for that Love Sharing!! Great to meet a fellow infoslut!!

    1. PJ—Thanks for stopping by & delighted to find another infoslut. An essential characteristic for all the really good writers I know & hang out with.