Monday, September 10, 2012

Hot new fall fiction. History of the vibrator. Pay phone libraries. Ethos, pathos, logos. The Disrupt SF 2012.

 Get going. Get inspired!

 Chabon, Lehane, Wolfe, McEwen. But (except for JKRowling) where are the women? Coming attractions.

Unhappy women, overworked doctors & the buzz. History of the vibrator.

Superman, grab a book. Pay phone libraries.

Ethos, pathos, logos and the art of persuasion.

Red bull cans, beer bottles, bags of chips.  Meet The Disrupt SF 2012 hackathon.


  1. I remember reading that doctors used vibrators to treat women for "hysteria" at one time. Now you have to go to a gigolo to get that same kind of treatment.

  2. Meghan—Or an "escort service?" lol Probably a horny 14-year-old would do the job for free????

  3. I'm dying to read Chabon's Telegraph Avenue, because I know the neighborhood so well (as well as a lot of midwives)but Chabon usually irritates me, so I'll probably be irritated by this one, too. And as you say--where are the women writers? Traditional publishing still favors the male.

  4. Anne—Just read something (can't remember where) reporting that women writers make more money self-pubbing than male writers. Women are the readers! Duh.

    Romance as a broad category (I include chick lit, women's fic) helped support TradPub for years. Now almost all moved to e-pub—the romance writers got the message very fast—which removes a major source of $$ from Big 6 houses.