Saturday, September 22, 2012

Women: the richest, most powerful, most beautiful. Plus writing rules from Zadie Smith.

Giveaway! ZURI is a love story between Renny Kudrow, a dedicated scientist, and Starlite Higgins, a caring veterinarian, set in an African animal orphanage. Renny and Starlite love the orphans in their care but need to learn to love each other. If you love animals & romance, leave your email address in the comments & I'll gift you a copy.


 Fascinating women today & writing advice from Zadie Smith—

Money: Who married it? Who inherited it? Who made it? The 20 richest women in America.

The 50 most powerful women in business? Start with Ginny Rometty of IBM. End with Oprah.

A man tells what it's like to date/marry a gorgeous model—the up side & the down side. Yes, there is a down side. Read all about it here.

Writing rules from Zadie Smith.

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