Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fran Lebowitz on writer's block, gays & straights, the Cockettes. Elvis Presley's girl. Gay Talese.

Q: How many secretaries/assistants does it take to maintain Gay Talese's files? More than it takes to change a light bulb for sure. ;-)
Today's mix:

Writer's block, AIDS, gays & straights, the Cockettes. Q and A with Fran Lebowitz.

Hard times, rockabilly & being Elvis Presley's girl. Wanda Jackson.

Notes from the underground. Gay Talese.

Jeff Bezos. Jeffrey Katzenberg. Lloyd Blankfein. If you don't know who they are, you should. Google to the rescue. Bald is Beautiful Powerful.


  1. I want Gay Talese's office! Great links as always (although the Fran Lebowitz link seems to be dead.)

    1. I want the staff that maintains GT's office. :-) Will check the link. Thanks!

    2. The FL link should work now. Thanks for the heads up!