Friday, November 9, 2012

The biggest. The smallest. The longest. 9 rules of writing. 50 ugliest shoes in history.

 I had fun with these. Hope you will, too! ;-)

The biggest. The smallest. The longest. Q's & A's.

9 rules of writing from British novelist, poet, children's author  Helen Dunmore. (Plus links to lists by Elmore Leonard. Margaret Atwood. Neil Gaiman. Zadie Smith.)

50 ugliest shoes in history. OMG! Did anyone actually wear these?  Did we???? The shoe Hall of Shame.


  1. Those shoes are hilarious. Amazing what women will do to our feet!

  2. Definitely hilarious. Not to mention hair-dos and clothes we thought looked great "then" but now belong in a hall of horrors.

  3. Did you read the NYT article about the Russ and Daughters lox guy from Nepal?

    1. Hi Jen, NYC at its greatest! There's also the Jewish deli on the UES that's run by Chinese guys who learned the business slicing salmon at Zabar's on the UWS.