Friday, December 14, 2012

Elephants & rhinos. Africa's endangered species are being slaughtered and face extinction.

Grim news today about greed and the near-extinction of endangered species.

Rhino horn now a club drug in Asia.

Huge ivory stash seized in Malaysia.

Violence in Mali is threatening the survival of endangered elephants.

About the only good news is a donation of $5 million for a drone program to track poachers by Google.

A life-long lover of animals, I wrote ZURI to draw attention to the greed-motivated poaching which has brought the rhino to the brink of extinction and threatens elephants as well. The valiant efforts of the scientists, conservationists & veterinarians who rescue orphaned animals play a crucial role in ZURI. I hope the emotive power of fiction will help prevent the further slaughter of these majestic animals and I have donated to organizations dedicated to this effort.

Also find ZURI on Nook.

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