Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Boomer's Lament: The Fonz and Archie Bunker, the California raisins, the Bouffant & the Beehive.

I remember the Fonz and Archie Bunker.
I remember when LBJ meant the President (Lyndon B Johnson) and not a basketball player (LeBron James).
I remember the California Raisins, Louis the Lizard and the Budweiser Frogs.
I remember when the NY football Giants moved to the NJ Meadowlands.
I remember pin curls and garter belts, answering machines and floppy disks.
I remember Dick & Pat, Jack & Jackie, Ronnie & Nancy, Jimmy & Roslyn, Bonnie & Clyde, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Ken & Barbie.
I remember when you had to get up & cross the room to change the channel.
I remember gas station attendants.
I remember when Amazon was a river in South America, not a store on the internet.

I remember streakers, est and transcendental meditation.
I remember consciousness raising, encounter groups and the Manson Family.
I remember Bullitt, The Godfather, and The French Connection.
I remember Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Marvin Gaye.
I remember Sergeant Pepper, Tricky Dick and Flower Power.
I remember the Bouffant, the Beehive, the Shag, the D.A, The Wet Look, The Dry Look and Greasy Kid Stuff. 
I remember Joy, "the most expensive perfume in the world" and  "Modess...because"
I remember the Atkins Diet, the Scarsdale diet and the Beverly Hills diet.
I remember Pan Am and TWA.
I remember disco and Donna Summer, hula hoops and Rubik's cubes.
I remember lots but I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, where I put my glasses and why I went into the kitchen & what I meant to do there. 
So, my Boomer friends, what do you remember? And what kinds of things do you forget?
Coming Attraction: On Sunday, Anne R Allen opines on Googling yourself. Vanity? Or just plain smart?


  1. I forget which way to turn. But then I find that getting lost a lot more fun than being found.

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    b+ at Retire In Style Blog

  2. Barbara—Thanks for your comment and for adding such a great perspective! Sometimes getting lost is a way of finding something you didn't even know you were looking for.

  3. Hilarious! I remember them all. Except where my glasses are. And what I got onto the Internet to search for...and who's LeBron James? LOL

  4. Anne—LOL! Good one: forgetting why you're on Google & what you wanted to search for. Perfect! Thank you. :-)

  5. Hey, Ruth, your glasses are always on your nose! That's a hilarious post, brava! I also remember BB and that stood for Brigitte Bardot, LOL!

  6. Claude—On my nose for sure but also: On the night table. On the dining room table. In my office. At the gym. On a shelf in my closet. On Michael's desk. In the kitchen. In my purse.

    I definitely remember BB—and when she was the hottest babe in the world. Sort of the Kate Moss of her time. I also remember Roger Vadim. Didn't he go on to marry Jane Fonda?

    That's why we (I) can't remember anything anymore. My brain is cluttered with decades of celeb gossip, ad slogans & pop songs.

  7. Great post! Don't forget Liz & Dick! My husband is threatening to buy me one of those (yuk!) chains for my glasses ...

  8. Linda—Thank you & thank you sooooo much for the reminder! I'm shocked by my oversight & deserve lots of demerits for forgetting L & D!!!! :-(

  9. Fun article, Ruth!

    If you have a moment, here's what I remember and what I wish I could forget: "62 Reasons 60 is Not the New 40"

    1. Perry—Thank you & thanks for the link. Loved it! I'm just about to publish THE CHANEL CAPER, a rom com/thriller that addresses two of the most important questions of our time: 1) Is there sex after marriage? 2) Is sixty the new forty?

      As they say, great minds!

    2. One of those two questions is a definite no. The other ... yeah, that's a no too! Will look forward to your book and will watch this space for details.

  10. I remember when the ladies' room had a Modess dispenser and it cost a nickel and it came with two tiny safety pins. Ever use Dippity-Do, White Rain, and that pink paper tape with pinked edges for your hair?

    Ah, Pan Am Clipper first real overseas trip. We had menus and real china in economy.

    Wonderful post!

  11. Jen—Thanks! OMG those teensy tiny safety pins! I somehow missed the pink paper tape for your hair. Did it make you gorgeous? Do I need to get some?

  12. Pink hair tape.

    1. Jen—Thanks for the research & for the link. Somehow in my hair-obsessed youth, I completely missed Pink Hair Tape. I simply cannot image how! lol

      So, tell me: Did it work? Is it time for a revival?

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  14. I remember using folded paper maps. Now, I always forget how to turn off the GPS when that bloody, insistent voice makes me want to drive off a bridge.

    1. Christina—Thanks. Good one! Plus I hate being bossed around by a robot.

  15. Some of this is still with us - My daughter (now 17) had a boyfriend (now dumped) whose favorite band was Pink Floyd (which is not why he became an ex - she likes them, too, and has Pink Floyd posters on her bedroom wall). Some stuff just gets old but some becomes 'classic.' :-)

  16. Ddimorrese—excellent point! Thank you. There's also the question of whether something becomes "classic" or "vintage"—and what, exactly, is the difference? A question for philosophers to ponder.