Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Freebie, A Cheapie, A Retired Husband Joke.


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Ladies! Is Your Husband Driving You Crazy?

Is the husband you’re living with the man you married?  Or has he changed? And not for the better?
Is he too pooped to participate?
Does he get an “F” in foreplay?
Don’t give up. Get even.
Stop the ugly nagging.
Put an end to your anger, resentment and frustration.
Two sisters who managed to survive four husbands decided to do something about it.
Their creation, HUSBAND TRAINING SCHOOL, is dedicated to saving marriages—and the sanity of wives the world over.

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Three fed-up wives—and only HUSBAND TRAINING SCHOOL stands between them and murder.

Tougher than Harvard and more demanding than MIT, Husband Training School is under the command and control of its founder, twice-divorced former Marine Drill Instructor Robin Aguirre.

Hardened by years of experience, Robin knows how to train men the Marine Corps way—tear them down and build them back up. She is confident she has seen and heard it all as she prepares to meet her new students.

Will Trailer is a super-achiever on the baseball diamond but at home? Not so much, according to his gorgeous movie star wife.
Efficiency expert Howard Hopkins has just retired. His wife married him for better and for worse—but not for 24-hours-a-day.
Gordo Canholme would procrastinate breathing if he could, but will he ever get the new baby’s room ready? Not without HTS, according to his very pregnant wife.

Robin thinks she is ready for anything the most hapless and hopeless husbands of the 21st Century can dish out.

But is she?

Retired Husband Joke.

After working for thirty years, Ed B. retires. His friend asks him what he's doing now.
"I'm my wife's sexual advisor," says Ed
Friend looks slightly shocked. "What do you mean by that?" asks the friend.
"Simple," Ed says. "My wife told me that when she wants my fucking advice, she'll ask for it."


  1. Sounds hilarious! I can't wait to read it!

  2. Thanks! What's really funny is that I expected my female friends to "get it." Which they did. However, every single guy I mentioned it to #1 cracked up and #2 said: "My wife is going to send me."

    Tells us something about the current state of marriage, right? lol