Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Love And Money: The Women of Park Avenue, fabled but not flawless.

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Heiress Deedee Dahlen was beautiful, privileged, an adored wife, a loving mother, but…

Her best friend said—
“When I looked at her I saw money. She looked rich, she sounded rich, she smelled rich. Her money was such an integral part of her that I sometimes thought that without it she might cease to exist. The sad thing is that she thought so, too.”

Her rival said—
“From the day she was born, secrets and scandal surrounded her. She attracted attention like a magnet and, although she said she wanted privacy and always refused requests for interviews, she always smiled for the photographers. Haven’t you noticed that you’ve never seen a bad picture of her?”

Her publicist said—
“People said she was dumb. I think they were dead wrong. After all, she ended up with a husband who worshiped her and more money than even she knew how to spend. That’s not my definition of dumb, but when it all came crashing down, the dream came to an end. She was alone and there was no one to help. ”

Lana Bantry grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and made it to the right of town, but…

Her boss said—
“She wasn’t the smartest person I ever knew, and, although she was extremely glamorous, she certainly wasn’t beautiful. What made her special was her determination. She was the most determined person I ever met—determined to be successful, determined to be treated fairly, determined to be noticed. I always thought there was something sad about her.”

Her ex-husband said—
“She was a money-hungry bitch and she deserved everything that happened to her.”

Her lover said—
“She thought like a man and fucked like an angel. She was the ideal woman. I loved her but I double-crossed her. Don’t ask me why because I don’t really know. Maybe she was just too much for me.”

DeeDee Dahlen and Lana Bantry—
They shared a father—but not an inheritance.
They were sisters—and strangers.
Two women in love with the same man.

Originally published in hard cover by Random House.

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