Monday, August 20, 2012

Dressing—and undressing—your characters. Writers & actors. Downton Abbey, Ian McEwen & Molly Ringwald. Owls, laundry & spies.

Today's fun & inspiration—plus dressing (& undressing) fictional characters

Act like a writer. Molly Ringwald explains.

"I loved the idea of a city in chaos." A new spy thriller set in the 1970's from Ian McEwen.

Profit margins & print publishers. The new rules for book publishing.

Two new owl species—one of them once considered extinct—have been discovered in the Philippines.

This 32,000-year-old plant, a contemp of the woolly mammoth and saber-tooth cat, is the latest from Siberia.

All the deets on dressing (and undressing) the tomboy, the fashionista, the stay-at-home-Mom. And their heroes—the bad boys & the good boys. PLUS who does the laundry at Downton Abbey?  Ruth Harris.

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