Park Avenue Series


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Rich girl. Poor girl.
Sisters—and strangers.
Enemies—and rivals.
Two women in love with the same man.

Beautiful Park Avenue heiress, Deedee Dahlen, and Lana Bantry, abused child from the wrong side of the tracks, live in different worlds. They share a father but not an inheritance, a lover but not a commitment—and they do not know of each other's existence.

Until murder—and Slash Steiner, the mysterious man with the Midas touch—bring the two women, sisters and strangers, enemies and rivals, face to face in a searing confrontation.
"Ruth Harris has done a miraculous job of entwining the lives of two women in a believable and fascinating way. You won't have to hide if someone asks what you're reading." —West Coast Review of Books

"Fast-paced, superior fiction. With a crisply precise and descriptive narrative style and an unerring ear for dialogue, Harris has written a terrifically satisfying 'good read.'" —Fort Lauderdale News Sun-Sentinel

"Richly plotted and racing to a shocking climax, this glittering novel is first-class entertainment." —NY Times Book Review

LOVE AND MONEY was originally published in hard cover by Random House.

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1,000,000 copy New York Times bestseller!

Voted "best contemporary" by Romantic Times.

When Carlys Webber transforms herself from a shy wallflower into a lovely and desirable woman, she attracts the attention of handsome millionaire, Kirk Arnold. When he proposes, Carlys's impossible dreams come true but her happy marriage is threatened when Kirk turns from a loving husband into a cold, distant stranger.

Shut out by Kirk, Carlys is tempted to find comfort in the arms of handsome, passionate architect, George Kouras—even though she knows the consequences can destroy her almost perfect life. 

"A contemporary tale of passion and commitment. Steamy and fast-paced, you will be spellbound." —Cosmopolitan magazine

"Harris relates the games of love in fast-forward, high octane style. Deserves a large audience." —New Woman magazine

"Harris's prose is sharp, her eye keen, her pen like the rapier of Zorro." —Christian Science Monitor

HUSBANDS AND LOVERS was originally published in hard cover by Macmillan.

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Evelyn, talented but shy, is a loyal and loving wife whose marriage means everything to her.

Nick, handsome and ambitious, is her successful but restless husband.

Joy, their daughter, inexperienced and rebellious, is torn between them.

Barbara is the other woman. Younger than Evelyn, divorced and desirable, she thinks she can have everything—including another woman’s husband.

“Powerful...A gripping novel.” —Women Today Book Club

“The songs we sang, the clothes we wore, the way we made love. DECADES will have three generations of American women reliving their love lives and recognizing ruefully and with wry affection just what changes have overtaken them. The characterizations are good and the period atmosphere absolutely perfect.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Three generations of women are succinctly capsuled in this novel by a writer who has all the intellect of Mary McCarthy, all the insight of Joan Didion. A brilliant book!” --Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

“Evokes the feelings of what it was like to grow up female in the innocence of the 40’s, the movie-formed dreams of the 50’s, the disillusion of the 60’s. It’s all here—the songs, the headlines, the national preoccupations, even the underwear.” —New York magazine 

DECADES was originally published in hard cover by Simon & Schuster.

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1,000,000 copy New York Times bestseller!

Modern Women—The intimate lives of three unforgettable women--and the men in their lives. The right men. The wrong men. The maybe men.

Jane Gresh: She's rich, talented, and famous, but will her delicious revenge on the man who cheated on her really make her happy?

Lincky Desmond: She's smart, beautiful, hard working. She marries Mr. Right but will she really risk everything for Mr. Oh-so-wrong?

Elly McGrath: She is loyal and dedicated, a loving wife and devoted mother, but when confronted with the ultimate betrayal, what will she do to stand up for herself and her children?

“Author Ruth Harris's rapier wit spices up a coming-of-age story. Superb! You'll love MODERN WOMEN.”--West Coast Review of Books

"Entertaining. Ruth Harris' breezy prose style, peppery dialogue and irreverent observations on the natures of men and women make MODERN WOMEN fun to read." —Dallas News

"Upbeat, sassy. Harris will engage fans and newcomers alike with its likable characters. Filled with romantic sparks, fast action and interesting tidbits of social history." —Booklist

MODERN WOMEN was originally published in hard cover by St. Martin's Press.

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A sweeping yet intimate love story set in the glittering capitals of Paris and New York in the 1920's.
If you loved Midnight In Paris and The Paris Wife, you will love THE LAST ROMANTICS. 

Kim Hendricks is a legendary American war reporter and famous novelist, a man's man and a woman's man. He is dashing, handsome and celebrated but dangerously flawed.

Nicole Redon is a gifted fashion designer who is loved by rich and titled men. She is beautiful, charming, lonely, haunted.

They are the last romantics, the first contemporaries. Destiny brings them together but will fate--and the tides of history--keep them apart?

"I love it, I love it! Fantastic, immensely readable." --Cosmopolitan

"Gloriously romantic" --Kirkus

"Delightful, de-lovely and de-vine!" JRG News

THE LAST ROMANTICS was originally published in hard cover by Simon & Schuster.

SAVE!  Park Avenue Series, Books 1-5 (Boxed Set)

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