Friday, August 24, 2012

Superman & Wonder Woman. 10 Most Beautiful Cars. Women & shoes. A "publisher of perfume." Exciting bookstores. Language, mood & emotion.

Links du jour:

Hooking up?  Superman & Wonder Woman.

10 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time. Pictures & prices.

Women & shoes. Spiked, barbed, fluorescent, cartoony, spangled, kinky, and fantastically unwearable.  Have you drunk the Carrie Kool-Aid?

"Short does not mean simplistic. Short means precise." Frederic Malle, a "publisher" of perfume.

Dateline: NYC
Some bookstores are thriving! The pix, the stories & the people behind them.
Part One. The Upper East Side. Bookstore porn.
Part Two. Mid-town & the Upper West Side. More bookstore porn.

How the words you use influence the way you feel. Language, mood & emotion.

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