Friday, September 28, 2012

Dressing—and undressing—your characters. Modern Women. God is an Englishman.

Sales pitch: Resist if you can. ;-) 1,000,000 copy NYT bestseller orig pubbed by St. Martin's Press. "Richly plotted, shocking, this glittering novel is first class entertainment. " 
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Clothes matter! In real life and in fiction. Dressing—and undressing—your characters is one of a writer's most powerful tools. I blog the details here.

For even more details

White bucks, Nantucket Reds, the gray flannel suit. Weejuns & Top-Siders. God-is-an-Englishman tweeds. Ivy League dress code.

What I read: The New York Times' public editor Margaret Sullivan.

"The eye has to travel." Pulitzer-prize winner Robin Rivhan on legendary editor Diana Vreeland.


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    1. Anne—Thanks. That's why the schmata (sp?) is a billion dollar business & why there's no end to what writers can put to use.