Monday, October 1, 2012

Glow-in-the-dark toenails & 3-eyed fish. Inspiration. Insanely overpriced products. A $5000 prize.

What it takes to write a memoir: time, distance, finding a voice. The extraordinary story behind the book that took 50 years to write. THE ATOMIC TIMES.

Great moments in inspiration.

Overpriced products. 20 most insane markups.

AndWeWereHungry, a New Literary & Arts Online Magazine, Announces Inaugural Short Story Contest. Four winning writers will share prize fund of $5,000 and publication in the inaugural Winter 2013 issue. Contest writing theme is “AndWeWereHungry.” Top prize reserved for the short story that connects the theme with nature, in honor of the short story contest's sponsor, "Ashes and Snow" artist Gregory Colbert. No entry fee, deadline November 30, 2012. The Magazine publishes original creative writing in the form of fiction (more than 1000 words), flash fiction (1000 words or less), creative nonfiction, and poetry; as well as essays, photography and visual arts.

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