Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who loves you, baby?

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And now for the subject du jour:

There are—at least—two kinds of just about everything. For example:

Dog lovers or cat lovers but there’s overlap.

MickeyD’s or Burger King but that doesn’t preclude the occasional Taco Bell.

Perfumed or Fragrance Free but not always—sometimes the hint of jasmine is irresistible.
Black or White but there are also shades of grey (sometimes more than 50!)
Mozart or Notorious B.I.G. but there’s room for both.
Jamaica Blue Mountain or Indian Single-Estate Darjeeling but both coffee and tea taste good and will keep you going.
Macs or PCs but both do the job.
Beach or Mountains but both have sun, fresh air and natural beauty.
Bikes or Cars but they’ll both get you where you want to go.
Beer or Wine but both go soooo well with dinner.
Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe—blonde or brunette—but they both left a mark.
Lots of choices but there's one fool proof way to sort the diamonds from the rhinestones:  People who do what they say they’re going to do and people who don’t. The first are treasures beyond words and you will forgive their cranky moments, lousy taste in clothes/music/tv/movies and  inability to tell Warhol from Watteau because they are reliable and you know you can count on them.
Headache? They’re there with the aspirin.
Bad breakup? They’re the shoulder you cry on.
Fired, laid off, downsized? They’re there with comfort and contacts who will help you find the job you need.
Then there’s the rest: They love you, love your book, wouldn’t miss your opening/party/reading for anything, will call their best friend, the President/CEO/Big Boss on your behalf.
But don’t hold your breath—because you know they not gonna do whatever it is they promised on the Bible/their sainted mother’s memory/their favorite pair of Nikes to do. They’re the here-today-gone-tomorrow, leave-you-in-the-lurch buddies, the bff’s we all know and even like—but also know we can’t depend on.
So now you know what pissed me off this week.
At least it gave me the idea for this blog so I’m counting my blessings and telling all my reliable friends how much I love, cherish and appreciate them.

 On her way: THE CHANEL CAPER, a romcom mystery thriller starring a Baby Boomer couple that addresses two of the most crucial questions of our time: Is there sex after marriage? Is sixty the new forty?

In a nutshell:  James Bond meets Nora Ephron. Or is it the other way around?

Here's a peek at the cover:


  1. I'll take Audrey over Marilyn. I met my best friend the day I moved in the dorm. We've pulled all-nighters, shared hangovers and instant mashed potatoes, late night runs to Taco Hell, and a lot of secrets. Now that we're more mature (heh), we trade off being the VOR...voice of reason.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Jennifer—Sounds like a lucky first day for sure! VOR is essential--but do you listen? Can't say I always do. I'm bad that way. ;-)