Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Hi from rainy, soggy, but always glam (?) NYC.

This weekend we enjoyed a polar vortex with temps in minus territory. Yesterday, snow. Today? Rain!

It's February so what else do we expect? Besides, there has to be somecheerful news besides Valentine's Day, right? My contribution to the bright side of February is a free copy of my "shocking," "glittering" novel Love And Money

Beautiful Park Avenue heiress, Deedee Dahlen, is born with a silver spoon. Lana Bantry is an unwanted and abused child who lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Deedee and Lana share a father but not an inheritance, a lover but not a commitment--and they do not know of each other's existence.
Until murder--and Slash Steiner, the handsome, dynamic man with the Midas touch--bring the two women, sisters and strangers, enemies and rivals, face to face in a searing confrontation.
Love And Money, sweeping in scope yet intimate in detail, is a story of family, secrets, murder, envy, and healing.
LOVE AND MONEY was originally published in hard cover by Random House. 
"A SPECTACULAR, RICHLY PLOTTED NOVEL. Racing to a shocking climax, this glittering novel is first-class entertainment, a story of love and money, and how both are made, lost, and found again." --New York Times

Click to download your free copy of LOVE AND MONEY.

While you're reading, I'll be writing. There's something new, something different on the horizon. As soon as reading copies are available, you'll be first to know!

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