Monday, June 6, 2016

Women Over Fifty: Smart, Sexy Stylish or Invisible?

50+ women are usually perceived as

smart, sexy, stylish.

T or F?

At the age of 56 women become invisible. T or F?

Wearing clothes she's owned since Carrie went to the prom makes a woman sexy and stylish. T or F?

Poised somewhere between hip and a hip replacement, she is looking forward to her golden years with serenity. (Not Serenity.) T or F

A miniskirt, a red balconette bra and stilettos are the keys to reviving a fading TV career as a gourmet chef. T or F?

In Afghanistan what women want matters. T or F?

A knowledge of proofreading/copyediting can help solve a crime. T or F?

You can buy a genuine Chanel bag from a NYC sidewalk vendor. T or F?

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  1. Haha Ruth! I think nothing makes a person look old as much as continuing to dress the way they did in their 20s--because it shows they're stuck in the past and not living in the present. But that doesn't mean they can't wear what contemporary 20-somethings are wearing. Here's a hilarious rebuttal to those 20 yr olds who are always telling older women what to wear. "What women over 30 should wear" (hint: Whatever the F they want.)

  2. Thank you! This is fabulous! IMO Fran Leibowitz has more authentic style than most. Also where are Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton, Joan Didion and Queen Elizabeth? Most dancers look terrific no matter what they're wearing. It's their posture. :-)