Tuesday, December 5, 2017

8 thoughtful, useful gifts. All under $25. No cutesie anything.

For stocking stuffers. For anyone you want to remember. For yourself. A little off the beaten track. Most available from Amazon.

Jao hand sanitizer is a favorite of makeup artists. Your hands will be clean and they will smell wonderfully of Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Sage. About $25

I have used this Bennington tankard mug for decades. Comes in 12 glazes. Looks great, well designed, keeps your tea or coffee hotter longer. Hasn’t chipped, either. $18

Uni Jetstream pens from Japan write the first time every time. No blobs of ink, no skipping. Just perfect.  I use either the .7 or .5. Get 6 pens for $10

A vintage French notebook goes well with the Uni pens. $10

Maruman Japanese notebooks are elegant and the paper is a dream to write on. Here’s one for $7

Rhodia notebooks are great and classic.  Here’s one for $10.

I found this at the Apple Store when I saw a "genius" cleaning an iPad with Whoosh. Gets rid of the grunge and makes your electronic gizmos look brand new. $10

Vignalta sea salt imported from Italy combined with garlic, rosemary and sage. Will make you think you’re dining on a terrace in, oh well, think Positano. :-) You’ll have to watch for it, because when it’s available, it sells out immediately. About $15 the last time I bought it. PS: The reviews on the Amazon page are for another product. I’ve alerted Amazon. Let's see how much clout I have. ;-)

Do you have any suggestions? Any modest, easy-to-get favorites that would make thoughtful gifts?


  1. Fantastic suggestions, Ruth! I might have to buy myself some of that Whoosh stuff. Hate the grungy tablet screen!

  2. Anne, Thanks! I asked the genius what he was using, went right home, found it on Amazon et voilĂ . Works! Hope you like your grunge-free gizmos. :-)