Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bucket lists and f-bombs. Women of stature: Sue Grafton, Jackie Kennedy & Helen Gurley Brown. Plus who does the laundry on Downton Abbey?

For your reading pleasure today:

Bucket lists and f-bombs. Mash-ups and brain cramps. Words in their natural habitat and new words.

How stress and depression can shrink the brain and contribute to both emotional and cognitive impairment. New treatments.

She was a "woman of morals, and grace, and courage." A long, inspiring & touching tribute to Helen Gurley Brown (author of Sex & The Single Girl & editor of Cosmo) and her loving & beloved husband, David Brown (producer of, among other films, JAWS). Goodbye, Pussycat.

She's harsh on self-publishers but she's right that "Learning to construct a narrative and create character, learning to balance pace, description, exposition, and dialogue takes a long time. This is not a quick do-it-yourself home project." Interesting & insightful interview with Sue Grafton.  (Thanks to Jennifer Tanner for the link)

Period, Baroque and Jazz Age clothes & the underwear that went along with them. This season's haute couture from Balmain & Gucci. Jackie Kennedy's wardrobe upkeep and the new season of Downton Abbey. Can't take fabulous clothing like this to the local dry cleaner so the big question: who does the laundry and how do they clean the clothes on Downton Abbey?


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