Friday, September 14, 2012

Mr. EL James. Yoga pants. How to walk in heels. The bitter truth about sugar. Real-life inspiration.

Today's link-o-rama:

How very un-zen: the battle over yoga pants.

Pure, White & Deadly. It's not just copyright problems. Why publishers can't push out what looks like a sure-fire hit pronto.

Pardon my French: How to walk in heels.

No Photoshop. No stylist. No hair-and-makeup. A suggestion for real-life inspiration from bestselling author David Hewson.

Do they have a dungeon? A red room of pain? And what's that about the can opener? Mr. EL James explains.


  1. Ruth,

    sometimes I think you're plugs for the articals are better than the articals themselves. However, I did enjoy reading from "Mr. E L James"

    :} Cathryn

    1. Hi Cathryn—Thanks for your kind words about my blurbs. I enjoy writing them.

      I choose the articles not because I think every reader will be interested in every one, but because I find something of interest (especially to a writer) in each. Whether it's a character, a situation, a description or a POV, my thought is that there's something intriguing in each article that might trigger an idea or a new take on an old idea.