Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sex in the 60s. Rx for Red Carpet nerves. The best word ever. Darwin. Dickens. Nijinski.

My million-copy NYT bestseller MODERN WOMEN now available on Nook. Introductory price: 99c. Get it while it's hot (and cheap)! ;-)

Today's mental caffeine—

They're actors. Getting nervous/being nervous is their thing. So how do they cope? What do they recommend? Rx for Red Carpet nerves on Emmy Day.

Not the funniest word or the most erudite word or the most whimsical word—but The Best Word ever.

Boomers then and now: Sex in the 60s.

Cuteness alert: new mom & baby panda.

Beethoven. Michelangelo. Dickens. Darwin. Nijinski. Psychiatric profiles of genius.

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