Friday, October 19, 2012

Male models, flip-flops & Phil Collins. James Patterson's 10 favorite detectives. The surprising secret to success.

Today we have the dumbass rich, the smart & successful rich and the secret to getting ahead:

The rich ARE different, Part Deux. Private jets, black gloves for touching silverware, white gloves for laying the table, male models, flip-flops & Phil Collins. Wretched excess.

He's sold 260 million books sold and had 19 consecutive No. 1 best sellers, so he should know, right? James Patterson's 10 favorite detectives.

The secret to getting ahead at the office. Brains? Hard work? Brown nosing? Not necessarily.

Looking for something good to read this weekend? How about some classy NYT bestselling romantic women's fiction?  One—or all—of the books in my Park Avenue Series might appeal.

Maybe a thriller?  Take a look at HOOKED & BRAINWASHED (right now only 99c!) Both are in the top 100 on the Political Thriller bestseller list.

Or for something different: ZURI. A story with an unusual heroine, a sad little orphaned baby rhino,  plus the people who love her but need to learn to love each other.  ZURI has all 5-star ratings.


  1. I love it that Patterson chose Brenda Leigh Johnson of the Closer as one of his top ten. I agree!

    And if anybody can shop at Abercrombie and Fitch after reading what a psychopathic bully the CEO is, they deserve to be treated like one of his employees.

    1. Anne—I thought Patterson's whole list was really good. Also agree about the A & F CEO. Astonishing that twisted characters like that rise so high. I guess they just bully everyone else out of the way.