Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Women & their periods. Christians & vaginas. PMS & the wandering womb. Billionaires. Tampons.

Feeling bloated? Bitchy? Moody? What could the reason be? Oh! Don't tell me! I know. It's PMS.

More about women & their periods. Maxipad company replies to man's Facebook rant with awe-inspiring sarcasm.

Even more about women & their lady parts. The year of living Biblically: Christians and vaginas.

Billionaires (Wait! how did they get into a gyno-oriented post? Well, since we're PMSing, we'll take this opportunity to diss them): The rich ARE different. And not in a good way.

Since we're mostly about women & their biology today, I'll end with a joke about tampons—

Dan and Stan were sitting on a bench, wondering what to do. They only had $5 between them and they wanted to do something fun. Five dollars wasn't enough to go to the movies, get drinks at a bar, eat a nice meal or anything they liked to do.

Exasperated, Stan says "just give me the $5, I'll go in that Rite-Aid and find something. Just trust me, I'll figure something out." Dan gives him the five and waits outside.

A few minutes later, Stan emerges with a huge smile on his face. "Dan! I found the perfect thing! It's so awesome, you're never going to believe it!"

"OK...what did you get?" Stan proudly holds out a box of tampons. Dan says "What the hell did you get those for?!"

Stan says "Dude, read the side of the box. With these, we can go swimming, we can go horseback riding, we can play tennis...."

So, dear readers, do tell: Does a joke help with the bitchy mood & bloated feeling? OK. I didn't really think so. ;-)

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  1. Love the joke! And the billionaire article is really interesting. Thanks for posting it. I saw pix - I think it was in Harper's Bazaar - of the Ambani's billion-dollar home in Mumbai. Crazy!

  2. Hi Meghan—Glad you liked the joke. Appealed to me, too!

    Chrystia Freeland is a really good reporter with a deep background in finance so she really knows what she's talking about. She used to be with the Financial Times & now with Reuters. I LOVE smart women!