Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Martina Navratilova. Carrie Fisher. Wally Lamb. Shrinks & the tennis stars who need them. James Bond, Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem.

Plus Tim Robbins, Suzanne Somers and more Baby Boomers with birthdays.

The psychologist who helped Andy Murray break his Grand Slam drought. Shrinks and the tennis stars who need them.

Bond. James Bond. Plus Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem & Skyfall.

And don't forget  Judy Dench is back playing M. In a bigger role according to movie gossip. How would you feel about having Judy as a boss? She'd certainly be a challenge, wouldn't she? Enough of a challenge to send you to the shrink? And how about a scene with James Bond on the couch? What would he talk about? What would the shrink say? If anything. Hmmmm....

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