Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mutant verbs. Poundage & "my second favorite writer." 25 best blogs & 10 things never to flush down the toilet. Apocalypse shopping.

Verbification. Does it enrich our language? Or is it sending it straight to hell? Mutant verbs.

Poundage & "my second favorite writer." R.L. Stine.

25 best blogs.

10 things you should never flush down the toilet.

Here in NYC today we're waiting to see if Hurricane Sandy is going to less bad/more bad than everyone imagines. Meanwhile, the stores have been stripped as NYers indulge in Apocalypse Shopping.

Right now, I'm at Anne R. Allen's blog posting about 8 Ways to Improve Your Writing. Here's the direct link:


  1. Great post on our blog today, Ruth. Really important tips!

    1. Anne, thanks. Glad to hear from our readers that the tips are helpful.