Saturday, February 22, 2014

Notebooks (Part II)

There are notebooks on my night table, in the kitchen, on the dining room table, in the living room, my office (obviously!) and in my purse. There is even a notebook in the bathroom for those nights I wake with a "brilliant" idea I absolutely have to write down. By flashlight. So as not to disturb my DH who already knows all too much about what it's like to live with a writer.

I'm always on the lookout for new notebooks. (You'll find my first notebook post here.) These are the latest additions to my delightful, never-ending quest:

Castelli Notebook

Made in Italy with Italian style.
Muji Notebooks

Stylish and inexpensive, Muji notebooks are an everyday necessity.


For the notebook and caffeine-addicted! 
Made in Portland, OR, USA.
Stillman & Birn

High-quality sketchbooks because sometimes I have to draw a scene
before I can write it. I bet I'm not the only one!


This va-va-voom pink notebook is from Smythson, the elegant and pricey English stationer.

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