Friday, September 21, 2012

Surviving the writer's room. 5 best TV shows. 10 worst cars. 1945 Agatha Christie essay published for the first time.

My million-copy NYT bestseller MODERN WOMEN now available on Nook. Introductory price: 99c. Get it while it's hot (and cheap)! ;-) 

Lists. An essay by Agatha Christie. How to survive & thrive in the writer's room—

Writer's room musts: Age + experience + an ability to park your ego = the twists and turns of Homeland.

5 best TV shows in history with a special bow to super comedy writer & blogger, Ken Levine.

The lemons, the clunkers, the junkers. The 10 worst cars of all time.

5 free services to help you build an author platform.

Agatha Christie's 1945 essay commissioned by the Ministry of Information to promote British crime fiction published for the first time.

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